When people seek solutions, they turn to search engines and click only on the first few links that appear in the search results.

Google Ads allows you to show up above all the results. So you can be found fast and attract more traffic to your website.

Sounds simple? But launching successful Google Ads campaign can be a daunting task if you don’t have the right experts working for you.

Fortunately, you have Sharp Growth.

From identifying the rights keywords to crafting compelling Ad copy and managing the ads, we do it all for you – without overwhelming you with jargons or making false promises.

What is Google Ads exactly?

Google Ads is an Internet advertising model where you pay to get traffic to your website. Google Ads will appear on Google, YouTube, and other websites. Unlike SEO where the results are organic, Google Ads allows you to pay to rank.

But remember, you are going to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Hence, it is called Google Ads.

Why is Google Ads so important?

While SEO is a great way to get traffic in the long run, Google Ads is your shortcut to drive traffic overnight.

Google ads show your business right in front of prospects who are in immediate need of your service or product.

Google ads show your business right in front of prospects who are in immediate need of your service or product.

When you don’t invest in Google Ads campaigns, you are certainly missing a large chunk on sales. Because your competitors will appear before you when customers search for a particular product or service, gaining a competitive edge.

That’s why Google Ads is considered extremely vital for a business to reap profits. Really Fast.

Still, not convinced?

Here are some cool Google Ads stats:

  • For every $1 spent on Google Ads, businesses get an average revenue of $2.
  • The conversion rate of PPC traffic is 50% higher than organic traffic.
  • The top 3 PPC ads get 41% of clicks.
  • Brands awareness is increased by 80% by using PPC ads

Our no-nonsense approach:

  • 1

    Understand your goals

    Be it promoting your product or service or improvising your existing PPC strategy, we clearly understand the results you expect to achieve with PPC ads.  And come up with a winning strategy, focused on maximising your ROI.

  • 2

    Launch tailor-made PPC campaign

    With a dedicated account manager, we will create and launch your PPC campaigns – freeing you from the hassles involved

  • 3

    Optimise to deliver good results

    Based on the results, we will test and optimise the campaign, so you get more clicks – faster!

  • 4

    Deliver sustainable results

    SEO is not a shortcut to overnight success or a quick-fix. We do SEO for the long haul. And make sure your business gets the visibility it deserves online.

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