Project Overview


There’s a commercial and residential finance broker located in Subiaco, one of the trendy inner city suburbs of Perth. The property market is pretty awful as WA’s economy hasn’t recovered from the mining boom.

This company has 13 finance brokers and the CEO was frustrated with them as the reps were totally negative about their prospects and meeting their sales quotas. Even though the CEO understood that they weren’t going to be performing as well as the glory days during the boom, he was frustrated with his brokers as he felt that they could still do something to generate more leads and make more sales.

The CEO decided that they would invest in marketing to try and jump start their business development engine.


We were hired as an outsourced marketing department to help revitalise the marketing for this company. We installed Hubspot to help them manage their contact database and did content marketing for them.

We refreshed the entire way they would attract leads with:

    SEO optimised blogs
    Email newsletters
    Marketing funnels
    Landing pages
    Social Media Marketing via Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

We also trained the sales team how to use LinkedIn and Facebook for generating leads from their existing connections.


We managed to pull off a bloody miracle, delivering 6 months of results in half the time. In just 90 days, we tripled their website traffic.

Although the finance brokers were originally upset with their CEO because they felt that spending money on digital marketing during a terrible economy was pouring money right down the drain, eventually they came on board with it and generated leads from their online marketing efforts. They now believe that it their CEO was right in making the investment as you can actually do some serious business during an economic downturn.

Our content marketing campaigns for the company were so successful that the CEO gave us the contract for one of their other companies.

Now, that’s what I call a win. 🙂


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