Project Overview

“Meg, the wife of the guy who owns this local contractor company, reckons the phone rings every 5 minutes. I thought she was joking. Or maybe, exaggerating. But she swears it’s true. Because one day she was sick at home and the phone just kept ringing every 5 minutes with new business.”

– Angela Han, Founder of Sharp Growth

It wasn’t always like that.

Sometimes you have to do crazy things in order to make your dreams come true.

And in this case, when this married couple bought this company, they had a toddler and a baby on the way. They told me they put everything on the line and it was truly down to the wire when it came to their finances. It was a truly make or break scenario.

The crazy thing is that prior to this, the couple did not have any experience being tradies.

Their phone wasn’t exactly ringing off the hook.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right?

What’s good a website without generating more leads? For their businesses to thrive, they needed more people to call them by phone and use their cost calculator.


Taking a holistic Google marketing approach, Angela and her team used a combination of SEO and Google AdWords tactics. This included optimising keywords, Google My Business, map references, and other technical things in the background.

She picked 10 keywords to boost the Google rankings. She made sure to cover all the different parameters that Google will assess to rank a website higher. Based on the device used, these keywords ranked higher in different positions on Google. Because the search engine giant uses different indexes for desktop and mobile searches.

Google Local Search Optimisation
To improve Google ranking in the local community, you need to ensure your keywords get your website on the top 3 listings of Google, appearing with a map and pins. This top 3 listing is known as the ‘Snack Pack.’ The process to ascertain that this is a real local business by Google is complicated. But it was achieved.

Google Ads
Google Ads on the search network were used to generate more website traffic and leads for this business. We used geographic targeting to target those in the Perth metropolitan area as well as the WA countryside no more than 200 km away from the Perth CBD.

For organic desktop searches: this company ranks on the first page of Google for all the 10 keywords. In addition all keywords rank in the top 5 of Google.

Perth SEO results

The amount of potential customers going to their website have more than doubled via SEO. (Dec 2017 – May 2018)

organic traffic increased x2

As of the 1st of December 2018, they have 111 keywords ranking on the first page of There are 10 positions available on the first page of Google.

Client organic keywords first page

From Google AdWords alone, we have calculated that their return on investment (ROI) is at 72,000% per annum.

In total, they receive more than 500 web leads per month via SEO and Google AdWords.

Despite this crazy bet on a buying a business that they had no experience in before, this family is now very confident with their business. They are now considered one of the leading contractors in Perth and many of their competitors now attempt to emulate them as well as the online marketing strategies that we have used. In essence, they are ‘the company to watch’ and ‘the company to beat’.

They live in the posh beach-side suburb of Cottesloe and their children now attend one of Perth’s top private all boys schools. They also go on holidays every school holiday, usually with their caravan to explore the WA countryside.

Please Note:

  1. We use an independent third party tool to measure the client’s keyword rankings. Depending on your location and when you use your own computer or mobile device, your search results may appear differently compared to e.g. the neighbour down the road or the person two suburbs over. This is because Google tracks our search history and location.
  2. Keywords have been blurred out on purpose.

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