Project Overview


Aspiring to start his own Perth law firm, James Irving quit his government job as a solicitor.

In order to get more clients, many branding experts recommended him to follow a particular branding formula to the letter. However he felt totally icky about the idea as it did not seem ‘like him’.

Finally, the owner of the business incubator he was working at referred him to Angela Han.

After the initial conversation, Angela figured out that James had no clue about how to generate more business. She also said it was quite natural for my husband to feel so because he was from a non-business sector.

During the conversation, Angela coached him through the issues he felt were challenges of following the branding experts’ formula.

She also outlined a go-to-market strategy to assist him in getting more clients both in-person and from the web. At the time, Irving Law did not have a website so this was what was first recommended. The next step was to actually become more visible and generate more clients via SEO.

The Result?

It worked!

However it did not stop there…

A few years later, his partner Liz, asked how come James was paying an amount every month to me when she was examining the books. As she was not from a marketing or business background, she did not know what online marketing was all about and how it worked. What she did want to do was to cut expenses that were unnecessary.

We met to discuss what work Sharp Growth was doing for Irving Law and how that impacted their results. After showing her the analytics, Liz exclaimed “Oh wow! I can actually see when we are getting calls and they seem to correlate with what Google Analytics is showing us!”

As you can imagine, Sharp Growth managed to escape the chopping block and retained the client.

Here’s what James Irving has to say about the experience:

I needed to generate more clients and get more people to my website. I asked Sharp Growth to do SEO work on it. Over a period of about 4 months, the SEO bean to have noticeable results and attracted more inquiries. The number of inquiries increased gradually over that period which made the profitability of my business become more secure. The website went from just mere window dressing to a tool that’s working for me to get new clients.

Angela from Sharp Growth started the turnaround with her work. I had tried a lot of different marketing tactics without much success, which I found very disappointing. I am very happy that the SEO works.

I like working with Angela. She is patient and answers my questions. She is also patient and persevering in how she approaches her work, fine tuning things from month to month. She gives me a great monthly report on what she is doing, which I can print and read. I am very grateful for Angela’s assistance in helping me to grow my business, and am very pleased to recommend her to other business owners.

  • Business Coaching
  • Web Marketing Consulting
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)