Project Overview

Gerry Kho Architects (GKA) had a website that was built a long time ago. So long ago that it actually still used Adobe Flash which was a popular web and graphic design technology that was controversially banned by Steve Jobs from being used on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod in 2010.

In addition, GKA were spending thousands of dollars on SEO and Google AdWords with another company and wanted to reduce their marketing spend yet still get results.

The Solution

Website Design Refresh

We created a portfolio-style website where GKA could show off their work. The style that Gerry wanted was something that was very minimalist and clean. His work is inspired by the Japanese ‘wabi sabi’ concept.

For the home page, Gerry wanted a website where people could easily browse through their work from the home page.

On the projects page, a filter was created so visitors could quickly browse through the type of project they wanted to see – for example commercial or residential architecture.

portfolio web design

For each individual project, clean lines were used to separate the gallery and the description of the project. A lightbox is used so that the viewer can see a larger version of the image when you click on it.

project website

No off-the-shelf template was used for this website. It was built 100% from scratch by PHP coding on the WordPress framework.

Gerry was so impressed that we also created websites for two of his other businesses.

The GK Products site is similar to the GKA website.

gkproducts site

The GK Property Developments website is a departure from the Gerry Kho Architects and Gerry Kho Products website. We designed this to keep in line with the same clean, minimalist, wabi sabi style. At the time, not many projects had been completed under this brand name.


At the time, Gerry Kho Architects were spending several thousand dollars alone on Google Ads with another company. We decided to only use SEO in order to not only reduce costs, but to also because he was interested in using organic search for ranking so he wouldn’t have to pay for clicks.

Using local search engine optimisation methods, Gerry Kho Architects has 34 keywords on the first page of Google.


organic keywords list
Screenshot taken from an independent 3rd party SEO keyword tool

An example of this is ‘commercial architects Perth’ where the company is being listed in the snack pack (maps) section as well as the normal listings.

  • Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)