You might have sleepless nights and days to give wings to your dreams, relentlessly pursuing your vision and making it a reality.


You might live like a crazy hermit to turn your idea into a profitable business.


You might even struggle to achieve your goal without sacrificing your duties as a wife, mother, daughter, and friend.


As a female entrepreneur who had owned a successful business and helped dozens of companies scale up, I know what it takes especially for women to make it big in this mean world.


That’s why, I’m dedicated to helping ambitious women dominate the market, reach more people, make a difference, and earn big by taking digital marketing activities off your ‘to-do’ list.

Hi. I am Angela Han.

I’m an entrepreneur, digital strategist, and an ardent optimist. I founded Sharp Growth to ease the marketing struggles of busy, bold, and passion-driven female entrepreneurs. So you can put your mind, heart and soul into improving your business while leaving your marketing worries to me.

So What Do I Know About Digital Marketing?

All my business life, I have done just one thing: help businesses SHINE online.

Over the years, I have learned, developed and implemented digital marketing strategies that WORK and get RESULTS – be it generating leads, attracting traffic, or skyrocketing sales.

I believe in good marketing that really helps companies attract more visitors to their website and convert them into customers. I have turned skeptics into believers through effective digital marketing.

Here’s a quick sneak-peak into my professional life.

My experience ranges from working with Australia’s top digital marketing companies and inbound marketing agencies to fortune 500 companies and SMEs to award-winning start-ups.

I am a trained SEO specialist and a certified Hubspot marketer.

I have played a key role in ramping up the marketing efforts and achieving the marketing goals of businesses of all sizes and pocketbooks across different industries.

When I was a mentor at Startup Weekend, I was well liked by the participants. Particularly, a lot of women came up to thank me. They told me that I was the nicest one and helped them think through the problem without judging them.

In the past, I ran one of Perth’s pioneering food blogs complete with club membership and regular events. It was super-popular for the time. Although we were locally based, I began to have a following across Australia. It was so popular that I even began to be recognised when I was overseas!

I was invited to be on Channel 10, the radio, and the newspaper. I appeared with shyness.

But I am not shy to admit that I do a victory dance every time I deliver good results for my clients.

Oh, I almost forgot. I love reading, researching, and computers and like to stay up-to-the-minute with the current industry trends and happening.

Sounds nerdy, doesn’t it?! I am. 😊

Personally, I do a lot of volunteering. I am currently a youth ministry leader at my church. In the past I have taught English to Iranian, Syrian, and Iraqi refugees and helped them settle into their new life in Australia. I also did soup kitchen for 8 years.

Be it business or personal, helping others makes me happy. Business strategy fascinates me. Solving the challenges of small businesses and start-ups keeps me awake in the night.

So I decided it’s time to share my proven digital expertise with the world and help women level up their businesses online.

Our Awesome Team

Sharp Growth gives you access to some of the most talented and like-minded digital professionals in Australia and across the world. Our best and brightest talents work virtually together with just one goal: your success and happiness.

We are based in Perth, Australia. But we have clients all over the world. We offer a range of customised digital marketing services to achieve your business goals – be it getting more traffic, increasing conversions, boosting sales, or enhancing your brand presence online.