3 Massive Advantages of Digital Marketing Can Offer Your Business

4.1 million!

That’s the total number of internet users as of 2018, which is more than half the world’s population.

In this digital age, if you are not exploiting the power of digital marketing you’re happily spoon-feeding a large chunk of your profits right into the mouth of your competitors.

When you strategically leverage digital marketing channels such as a captivating website, social media, being found for the products and services you offer on social media, videos, and email marketing – it can give you an unbeatable edge in the market


Here are 3 massive advantages digital marketing can contribute to the success of your business.

1. Davids can dethrone Goliath’s in digital marketing

Beating competitors using content marketing strategies

“I can never beat the bigger companies as I’m a one man band! I don’t know how to compete with them!” is something I heard just yesterday from a prospective client.

If you have a smaller business or are a startup that is bootstrapping it, you may wonder how you can possibly outsmart the Goliath’s with huge marketing budgets in your field. While it is true that larger companies can afford to have big marketing budgets perhaps even complete with an in-house marketing team and agency support, it does not mean that you will never beat the giants in your industry especially if you use digital marketing strategically.

When Nerdwallet was launched back in 2009, it had to compete with the credit card giants like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Discover and Chase.

Guess what they did?

They took a content-first marketing approach, creating incredibly valuable content for their target market.

This content marketing strategy spiked Nerdwallet’s organic search rankings, outwitting the titans of their industry in Google Search.

The result?

They grew from 0 to 30 million users in 5 years. The company revenue hit USD 500 million by 2014 and today is worth over USD $100 million.


That’s the power of content marketing. And that’s exactly why you should focus on creating helpful, relevant, and unique content for your business.

Even if you are a medium or larger-sized business, you can leverage content marketing for the win even in economic downturns. Those living in Perth can attest to what a terrible property market we have been having for years. By combining content marketing strategies, we were able to change the minds of 13 skeptical sales reps when the CEO who believed that using marketing during the downturn can actually help. You can read more about this content marketing success story here.

2. Attract leads and make sales 24/7

Woman buying online on her computer

Imagine doing sales or getting qualified leads, round-the-clock.

Wouldn’t that be wonderful for your business?

With digital marketing, it’s very much possible!

When your business is visible online, people are going to find you 24/7.  

That means you will be doing business when you’re sleeping.

A conversion focused website combined with Google Search Engine Optimisation and Google Ads can achieve this amazing feat.

When a local tradie approached us, they were on the verge of a financial disaster because they had zero business queries.

By effectively using Google Local Search Optimisation and local targeting with Google Ads, we doubled their website traffic in merely 5 months.

This resulted in attracting 500 solid leads every month. When I met with the wife of the owner, she said “Our phone started ringing every five minutes with new business!

At first I thought she was just exaggerating, but she told me, “No really it happens.

Today, their company is considered one of the top contractors in Perth and many businesses have started to emulate their approach.

3. Doing permission-based, personalised marketing

Checking emails - Sharp Growth Online Marketing

Unlike traditional media that bombard mass marketing messages, treating your target market like herds, digital marketing allows personalised marketing, treating your target audience like real humans.

With digital marketing, you can create customised marketing messages for a small group or even for each individual based on their location, time, online behavior, demographics, and psychographics.

By offering gated content in exchange for the prospects’ email address, you can get their permission to market your product/service. This works particularly well if your email audience is really keen and eager to hear from you because your content is valuable to them. For example, with a software app company I worked with, I achieved an average email open rate of 70%.

You can zero in on the awareness levels of your target audience and engage them with tailor-made messages, nurturing them deeper into your sales funnel.

Thanks to the marketing automation software services, you can use action-based triggers to send personalized messages like welcome emails, shopping cart abandonment emails, and client nurturing emails.

Remarketing ads can also be used exclusively for people who had visited your website, but haven’t bought from you. In this way, they are reminded that your solution exists even when people are comparison shopping.

Such kinds of personalised marketing experience is proven to get more conversions and exponentially scale up businesses.

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